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How to Write a Blog Post for Your Project

If you’re a Flatiron School student, you’re familiar with the blog writing requirement–it’s great practice for communicating what you have learned in technical terms, and you might end up helping another person on their coding journey.

PhotoLoco, a Photo Location Application

Project #4: JavaScript + Rails API

How hard could it be?

When it came to this project, I was feeling very optimistic and thought, “I’m a Rails pro now, this should be a cinch.” When I approached my Rails project, all of my problems were caused by being impatient and not wanting to watch through the walkthrough video. This time around I swore to code along with the entire walkthrough video series before going off on my own. While the walkthrough video for this project was very helpful, there were a lot of other aspects I had to figure out on my own, which made it more of a growing experience for me as a developer, and also made it feel much earned when I completed this phase of the project.

Rails Project: Hidden Mickey Pin Binder

Hey there!

Building My First Web Application, Trashare

I’m a big picture kind of gal. Sometimes it’s helpful, and sometimes it’s a hindrance. I often underestimate how long it realistically takes to accomplish a task, because I’m more concerned about what I’m going to do once it’s done. If my educational coach is reading this, she’s likely nodding her head.

How I Stay Motivated as a Self-Paced Student

I’ve been pursuing a full-stack web development certification through Flatiron School since last July. I wanted to share some of the tips I’ve learned over the past nine months.