A Good Unicorn

Finding the Art in Code

PhotoLoco, a Photo Location Application

Project #4: JavaScript + Rails API

How hard could it be?

When it came to this project, I was feeling very optimistic and thought, “I’m a Rails pro now, this should be a cinch.” When I approached my Rails project, all of my problems were caused by being impatient and not wanting to watch through the walkthrough video. This time around I swore to code along with the entire walkthrough video series before going off on my own. While the walkthrough video for this project was very helpful, there were a lot of other aspects I had to figure out on my own, which made it more of a growing experience for me as a developer, and also made it feel much earned when I completed this phase of the project.

Rails Project: Hidden Mickey Pin Binder

Hey there!

How I stay Motivated as a Self-Paced Student

January has been a month where I lacked the steam I really needed, so I reshaped my approach when I sit down to work on class. I wanted to share what I do in the event it helps anyone else.

My Six Month Flatiron School Anniversary

I set goals with my educational coach each month. I’m going to tell you a secret: I have not met a single one of my goals for my course progress.